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The goal of this game is to completely surround a group of pieces of one color, by making a loop of pieces of another color on a hexagonal board. The number of surrounded pieces determines your score for that round. Press the left and right arrow keys to choose where to place each piece, and press the Spacebar to place it. A halo is shown around the current piece, that shrinks to indicate the passage of time. When time runs out, the piece is placed automatically. The amount of time allowed per move gets shorter with each passing level. The game ends when a piece is placed in a row with no room left and goes off the board. The color of each new piece is random, but to help you plan ahead, the next five pieces in the queue are shown at all times. The dotted line shows an example of a small loop. Loops can be of any shape or size as long as they don't go off the board. The game play cycles through all six sides of the board repeatedly, so you can use each move as the foundation for the next move. The art of playing Snap Around is knowing how large a loop you can aim for without being too greedy!

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