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The goal of this game is to earn points by choosing combinations of different colored symbols. Choose three of the seven symbols in the bottom of four rows. The symbols appear in different shapes and colors. Choose three symbols that are the same color, the same shape, or both the same color and shape. You are awarded 50 points per symbol, if the three symbols have the same shape or color. You are awarded 100 points per symbol, if they are both the same shape and color. If the three symbols have both the same shape and color and are adjacent in the row, you are awarded 1000 points. In all but the practice level, you can be awarded up to 100 bonus points, depending on how fast you choose the three symbols. At the hard level, symbols will gradually fade and disappear if you do not choose them quickly enough. You can only submit a high score by reaching the hard level.

Quiximity Game Information

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