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The goal of this game is to score points by forming single-colored rectangles that are at least two by three tiles in size. Different combinations of tile groups, or pieces, of varying colors will appear. The next piece coming is shown next to the board. Place the pieces onto the board, which consists of a grid that is 10 tiles by 10 tiles in size. A red-bordered shadow will appear to show where the piece will land on the board. To place a piece, press the arrow keys to move the shadow, and thus where the piece will land. Press the Z and X keys to rotate the piece. Press the Spacebar to drop a piece quickly onto the board. To discard a piece, press the A key, for which you will lose 500 points.
Rectangles with extra tiles of the same color attached do not earn points. You cannot drop a piece if it overlaps with a tile of the same color. The points value for each rectangle is ten times the total number of tiles in the rectangle, squared. Tiles gradually disappear around the edge of the board at an increasing rate. Each rectangle you make adds tiles to the board. The number of tiles added back to the board is equal to the number of tiles the rectangle contains. The game ends when no tiles left on the board. The easiest way to make a rectangle is to fit pieces of the same color together, and then place a piece of a different color next to it to shave off any extra tiles. To earn a higher score, it is better to make one large rectangle, rather than several small ones.

Quadramania Game Information

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