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Begin by lining up the dart with the spot on the board that you wish to hit. Then press and hold the mouse button. With the button pressed, pull back on the mouse to prepare your throw. Push forward and let go of the button to throw the dart. The strength of your throw is determined by how fast you are pushing forward when you let go of the mouse button. The object of the game is to reduce your starting score down to exactly zero. Points are awarded based on which section of the board you hit. A dart in the outer ring will double your score for that throw, and a dart in the inner ring will triple it. In the center of the board is a bull which is worth 25 points. Hitting the inner circle is a double and will score 50 points. You have three throws per turn unless a throw takes your score below zero, in which case your turn ends and your score resets to whatever it was before your turn began. When playing with tournament rules, your last throw must be a double, and if you are playing 301, then your first scoring throw must also be a double.

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