Old West Trader

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You are a trader traveling through the old west. Move from town to town buying and selling goods from the local markets.
The map will indicate which town you are at. Click on it to enter the town, or click on a town connected to your current location to travel there.
Once in a town, you can visit the market to buy and sell goods. Drag and drop good from the left to the right side of your screen to sell goods. Drag from right to left to buy more. On the right side, the price of the goods in the market is indcated next to the name of the good. On the left, the avergae cost of your inventory and the amount of the good is indicated.
You can also visit the store to buy and sell items that will help you. More wagons will allow you to carry more goods. More guns will help you defend against bandits. A compass and a map will help you travel faster. A spyglass will help you spot bandits and get the jump on them.
You can also store goods in town warehouses, and store money in the bank. Banks can also provide high-interest loans.
Visit the saloons in towns to gather information. Sometimes buying a drink will get you information from the bartender. Buying a round for the house often gives you even more information.
See how much money you can earn after a year. Then submit your high score to compare with others.

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