Marble Jam

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Marble jam is a game of skill and luck. 81 marbles will drop down during the course of a game. Click on the red and green buttons to change the direction of a marble. Get the marbles into any one of the eight slots. If a marble passes all slots and leaves the board, you score no points for that marble. When a slot has eight marbles in it, the slot will empty into the center of the board. You score points for each marble depending on the color combination of the marbles. A marble by itself is worth one point. If the marble following it is the same exact color, then the next marble is worth 4 points. If the third marble is the same color, it is worth 16 points, etc. (1,4,9,16,25,36,49,64). The game ends when all 81 marbles have dropped. At the end, all slots are cleared and the remaining marbles are added to your score.

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