Haunted Castle

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You are trapped inside a haunted castle and are surrounded by ghosts. The goal is to kill the ghosts by getting them to follow you into the light or into piles of other ghosts bones. Every time you move, the ghosts move closer to you. If two ghosts run into each other they turn into a pile of bones. Ghosts also die if they travel into light or touch the bones of an already dead ghost. Choose the keyboard or the mouse to control the character. If you choose the keyboard, the arrow keys, the 7,8,9,4,6,1,2, and 3 keys, or the U, I, O, J, L, M, , , . , keys will control your movement. You can warp to another part of the room by pressing W, although this might be right next to or on a ghost, or you can use your flashlight by pressing the Spacebar to kill the ghosts in the spaces immediately surrounding you. For each level you advance, you will get 2 more warps up to a maximum of 6, and 1 more flash with your flashlight up to a maximum of 3. You will be awarded 5 points for every ghost you kill without using your flashlight, and 25 points for each piece of treasure you pick up. Ghosts only move when you do, so to maximize each move, take your time and plan each move carefully.

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