Forty Thieves Solitaire

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Two decks of cards are used. Ten stacks of four cards are dealt as the tableau. The remaining cards are left in the deck above the first stack. You need to build 8 foundation piles by suit, each starting with an ace. You gain 5 points for each card moved to the foundations. It costs 104 points to deal a new game, but your score can not go below 0. Tap the deck to turn over one card to the waste pile. You can then use the top card of the waste pile. You can only move the top card in a tableau pile. You can move it on to another tableau card in descending value, by suit. So a 10 of clubs can be placed only on a jack of clubs. An empty pile can be filled with any card. Near the end of a game, you can double-tap a foundation card to have obvious moves from the tableau to the foundations performed automatically.

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