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Far East Trader is a game of strategy. You have just started your own shipping company in the exciting Far East of the 19th century. With one ship, $100 in cash and a debt of $500, you must build an empire.
To buy goods at the current market prices, click on the BUY button under the price. You can sell goods in a similar manner. You can also transfer goods from your ships to your warehouse while in Hong Kong. To buy, sell or transfer cargo in groups of 10, hold down the Shift key while pressing the buttons.
Your debt instantly starts gathering interest. You can pay back the loan by transfering cash to the bank. Once the loan is paid off, you can save money in the bank. This gains interest and is also kept safe from pirate raids.
To sail from port to port, just click on the city on the map to the left. It takes about a month to sail from any port to any other port. You can purchase more ships for
$5,000 a piece in any port. Pirates will not attack single ships, but will
attack fleets of 2 or more.
The game ends when you are 65 years old. That is about 527 trips.
Keyboard shortcuts -- Buy one: 1-5; Buy ten: Shift+1-5; Sell 1: 6-0; Sell 10: Shift+6-0; One to warehouse: q-t; Ten to warehouse: Shift+q-t; One from warehouse: y-p; Ten from warehouse: Shift+y-p

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