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The goal of the game is to collect recyclables off the ground and drop them off at the green recycling bins before you run out of time or lose all your lives. You can hold a maximum of 5 of each recyclable item, and each item will give you 5 points and 3 seconds when you drop them off. For dropping off a full load of 15 recyclables, you are awarded 75 bonus points. Navigate around obstacles or jump over them by pressing the Spacebar. Pressing the right arrow key and the Spacebar will make you do an ollie.
You can also score points by doing tricks while in the air. To do a backside 180, press the left arrow and then the right arrow at the same time. To do a frontside 180 press the right arrow and then the left arrow at the same time. Pressing the up arrow and Z will do a kickflip. A heelflip is done by pressing the up arrow and X, and a shove-it is done by pressing the up arrow and C. To complete a 360 flip, press the up arrow and V. You can also do grind and slide tricks if you are at the very top of the screen and landing on a bench. Press the down arrow and Z to do a front or backside noseslide. Pressing the down arrow and X will make you do a front or backside tailslide. To do a backside smith grind or a frontside bluntside press the down arrow and C or press the down arrow and V to complete a backside nosegrind or frontside 5-0 grind. To do manuals or nose manuals, also called wheelies, press the M key while in the air or the N key for a nose manual, while in the air. You must balance yourself using the right and left arrow keys after you land for the trick to work. You'll get more points the longer you can stay balanced.

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