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Travel around the base destroying the alien robots. Try to make it to the communications center to send a warning message to Earth.
By 2242, mankind had expanded beyond its home world of Earth to colonize several planets and moons in its solar system. However, the secret of interstellar travel still eluded the human scientists.
One of mankind's neighbors, a warlike race that uses robot-controlled ships and troops, considers mankind a threat and is planning to destroy the human race before they can spread to the stars. While Earth builds defenses, outposts at the far reaches of the solar system have been established to warn of an attack.
You are one of the soldiers at one of these outposts. Based on Charon, Pluto's moon, your small base is part military and part scientific, researching unusual metals only found in the mines on Charon.
One day, disaster strikes. While you are out on the surface of Charon surveying for new mine locations, an alien attack force invades the station. They were able to take over the base before the crew could get a warning message off to Earth.
You are the last hope on Charon. Entering the station through a small mine opening, you need to get through the mine, into the station, and to the communications tower to send a message to Earth. At first you are armed with only your pistol, but you know that the base is filled with ammunition and larger weapons. You'll need to destroy the floating alien robots to make it to the communications center.

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