Canyon Racer

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Navigate your ship to the end of the canyon, turn around, and return in this timed race to earn points. Press the up arrow key to engage your thrusters and move your ship forward. Press the left and right arrow keys to turn your ship left and right. Press the spacebar to fire bullets at the red and black canyon beetles on the canyon floor. You are awarded 1,000 points for each beetle hit. The A key increases the ship's altitude and the Z key lowers the ship's altitude.
If you complete the game quickly enough, you will be awarded speed bonus points. The maximum speed bonus is 50,000 points, which you are awarded if you finish the game in less than 2:30. Your score is then multiplied by your shooting accuracy, which is the number of hits divided by the number of bullets shot, to get your final score.
For a better score, we suggest that you fly low by pressing the Z key to lower your altitude all the way. This gives you a better chance of hitting the beetles. Your gun fires ahead and slightly downward. Time your shots very carefully or the bullets will strike the ground too early or too late. The canyon floor is uneven, so your ship's altitude will adjust as the floor goes up and down. While you are flying over steep areas it will be hard to make accurate shots, so don't waste bullets as this will lower your final score. Hitting the walls of the canyon will not damage your ship, but it will slow you down.

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