Asteroid Command

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Asteroids are falling from the sky and crushing the cities below. You must defend the cities by destroying the asteroids. Using the mouse to aim, launch missiles at the ships by pressing the 'a' key for the left launcher, the 's' key for the center launcher, or the 'd' key to fire a missile from the right launcher. The launchers and the cities are arranged at the bottom of the screen on the planet's surface, and are destroyed when the asteroids strike them. The asteroids are destroyed when struck by your missiles in the lower atmosphere. Striking an asteroid high up in the atmosphere may cause it to break into two pieces during the explosion. At the end of each round, bonus points are awarded for unused missiles. At higher levels you will receive more missiles, but the asteroids will advance more quickly and in greater numbers. The game ends when all of your cities or all of your launchers have been destroyed.

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